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Cancer Pro Bono Legal Project – Duke Law School

The Cancer Pro Bono Legal Project is a collaboration between the University of North Carolina and Duke law schools, the cancer centers at the two universities, as well as the North Carolina Bar Association and North Carolina Society of Healthcare Attorneys.  Through the program, law students assist pro bono attorneys in working with patients on advance directives, financial powers of attorney, and health care powers of attorney documents.  In addition, students and pro bono attorneys also offer cancer patients monthly seminars on a variety of legal topics including insurance rights, employment rights, social security disability insurance and financial planning.

General Information

Address: 210 Science Drive
Box 90360
Durham, North Carolina 27708


Organization description: Law School Pro Bono Program

Providing legal services for: Since 2012 years

Geographic area/s served: Services are provided to patients of Duke Cancer Center and its affiliated networks. The program is currently focused on the Durham, NC community.

Staff includes: Volunteer attorneys, volunteer law students

Legal Program Information

Legal services provided for: Persons with cancer/cancer survivors, family members, other caregivers

Locations where services are provided: Duke Cancer Center

Limited to a type of cancer: No

Methods used to deliver legal services: In person meetings, presentations focusing on Know Your Rights: Employment, Insurance, Social Security Disability and Financial Planning.

Types of Services Provided

Types of legal services provided: Referrals to legal representation (private bar); referrals to pro bono legal representation; referrals to public agencies; referral to cancer organizations; legal information on advance care planning documents: powers of attorney and living wills.

Provides training in the following areas: A Know Your Rights Series is held for patients on issues related to employment, insurance, social security disability and financial planning.

Provides legal support in the following areas: Health insurance, disability insurance, employment, financial (e.g., debtor-creditor, bankruptcy), advance planning (e.g., living wills, healthcare proxies).


Organization Names funding sources include: Two small grants help support copies for materials and trainings. However, the program is run completely on volunteer time.