Public Profile

Tucson Family Advocacy Program

The Tucson Family Advocacy Program’s mission is to improve the health of low income families in Arizona by providing coordinated legal, medical, social work and educational services in a health care setting.

As part of this mission, TFAP is working to:

  • Improve the ability of low income families to access benefits and services necessary for health and well being
  • Increase health care provider awareness of non-medical problems impacting patient health; knowledge of legal and social resources to address these problems; and ability to identify and assist patients in need of these services
  • Increase collaborations between Arizona’s medical, legal and social service communities to improve health of low income families


General Information

Address: FMC 707 N. Alvernon Way, #101
Tucson , Arizona 85711


Phone: 520-694-1624

Organization description: Nonprofit Legal Services

Geographic area/s served: Tucson, Arizona

Staff includes: 1 Full-time staff attorney, 2 Part-time volunteer attorneys, 6-10 Part-time volunteer law students, 1 Part-time staff social worker

Legal Program Information

Legal services provided for: Persons with cancer, Family of cancer survivors, Caregivers, Non-cancer diagnoses, We provide legal services and education patients with multiple issues in addition to cancer. TFAP only accepts referrals from health care providers at The University of Arizona Health Network Family Medicine Clinic at Alvernon.

Locations where services are provided: Family Medicine Clinic

Limited to a type of cancer: No

Methods used to deliver legal services: In person meetings, Telephone

Types of Services ProvidedAdministration

Income and/or asset eligibility requirements: Income at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level