Part of the mission of the NCLSN is to use education efforts to help to alleviate the legal and economic consequences of cancer so that those affected may focus on their medical care and quality of life.  The NCLSN also aims to assist the individuals and organizations focused on meeting the legal and health needs of the cancer-affected community.

Below, cancer patients and their family and friends, health care providers, and attorneys can find links to resources specific to their needs and interests.  Additionally, all individuals affected by cancer should check out our list of Upcoming Events across the country and can find interesting information in our News section.  If you have questions about any of the resources, please email us.

Resources for Patients

These resources are for patients who want more information regarding a cancer diagnosis and legal problems they are confronting as a result of a cancer diagnosis.

Resources for Attorneys

These resources are for attorneys who are working toward addressing the legal needs of low-income cancer patients.

Resources for Health Care Providers

These resources are for health care providers who are working toward addressing the medical needs of low-income cancer patients.

Upcoming Events

Here you can find a full list of upcoming events for cancer patients, friends and family of patients, providers, and/or attorneys throughout the United States.  Check out the agenda and presentations from our 2014 Meeting.


Here you can find interesting cancer-related news, information about work being done by NCLSN members, and more.